The interview about the Attack on Titan season 2 with Mr. Kawakubo.


The interview about the Attack on Titan season 2 with Mr. Kawakubo.

Attack on Titan is a famous and popular animation last several years and

this April started the Season 2 .

This news is an interview of Mr. Kawakubo (川窪)who is an editor of the works.



── This Month the broadcast of ‘Attack On Titan Season 2 ‘started. Four years have passed since the broadcast of the first period, I have a question. Was the Plan of “Season 2” already decided when the first term ended?

Mr. Shintaro Kawakubo
We could not start it right away. We had a feeling that “I want to do it quickly” in the team made the first period including Mr. Isayama. However, there were a lot of problems and I thought it would have been broadcasted earlier than the case, but it was announced that “It will be around the year, 2016 or 2017 “. To be honest as an editor in charge, I had a feeling that “I want to see a second period as soon as possible!” (Laugh).

── From the standpoint of editing in charge, what do you do in making an animation?

My majour role is to assist Mr. Isayama when he tells animation staffs what he is thinking, and to coordinate between them. In Isayama’s view there is an idea that “This part was drawn with the intention”. While talking with animation staffs about such a part, I make some opinions like “Does his intension influence this part in the way that……?”

─ ─ Mr. Isayama was deeply involved in the production of the first period, he is also involved in “Season 2” closely?

Yes. “Season 2” will be composed of 12 stories, and you will find the thickest things come from the original manga. For example, Regarding the scene where it is revealed who a titan is, Mr. Isayama himself had written the story very carefully in the original manga, so he proposed to the animation staffs that “I drew this scene with such an intention that ……” or “I asked you to draw here so that ……. ” Since there are already 22 original volumes manga, he reflected the story and said sometimes “it would be more effective to put a scene in a anime story than to make it correctly according to the original. Frequently, Mr. Isayama says, “In comparison whith music, the original story is like a live performance, and the animation is the one that is recorded for the CD in a special room”. In this way we the animation are brushing up the original in order to make it more enjoyable.
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