Akira Toriyama Said He Does Not Use Any Reference Materials For Creating “Dragon Ball”.



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Akira Toriyama explains how he gets ideas for Dragon Ball Z and GT.


Akira Toriyama


Remarks of Akira  Toriyama:

Q: You have an incredible ability to draw anything in the world in your own distinct personal style. Do you often use reference material to draw different objects, places, or things?

A: I almost never use reference material for places, but for objects-for example,

if there’s a particular model of car that I like-I’ll use a book as a reference to draw from.

Q: I hear that Dragon Ball was inspired particularly by a trip to China. Out of all the places you’ve been, which are particularly memorable? Do you do much sketching when you travel?

A: I’ve been to many places, but Australia,

with what I felt was a pleasant balance between its cities and its magnificent natural spaces,

moved me very much.

I don’t sketch anything in particular on my trips. (Source)


Akira Toriyama is mostly known as the creator of the popular anime “Dragon Ball”, the most popular series of which is Dragon Ball Z: Doragon bôru zetto (1989) (released in the West as Dragon Ball Z (1996)).
Enjoys watching movies starring Jackie Chan.(more)