Happy New Year 2017: Nanase Okawa Told On Diversity with “Card Chaptor Sakura” on 2016


Card Capter sakura



In the work “Card Captor Sakura” the two boys play an important role and they are gey.

Okawa told her thought about diversity.




Remarks of Nanase Okawa:

“I think that it is a natural thing to measure people and measure the society with their own “ruler”.

However, if you think that only your “ruler” is correct when you see the “ruler” of a different person,

you think then that it is “weird”.

While diversity is said to be important,

I think that it is better not to hate others’ rulers.

But, if I do not feel completely dislike, I lose my own ruler.

Then it makes me painful.
You should have your “ruler” properly. In addition to that,

I think it will be easier if you have another one when confronting another person.

But it is difficult to have two.” source


Nanase Okawa (大川七瀬 Ōkawa Nanase, born May 2, 1967) is a member of the all-female manga-creating team Clamp. She is the director of the team and is primarily responsible for writing the stories and scripts for Clamp’s various works. (more)