Kenji Akiyama Said He Described the Future Of Humanity In the Ghost In the Shell in 2004



Q: Things I learned through copying

A: The S.A.C. series, when compared to MiniPato, was not only a total copy of Director Oshii’s style, but I also wanted to express my respect for Shirow Masamune. So I decided to make something that was like a “cousin” to the movie and manga versions.
At the time, people were also working on Innocence at I.G, so I decided that I would not cut ties with the Oshii Ghost in the Shell. Even then, the finished product showed a slight but definite deviation.
In the first Patlabor movie, Oshii-san made Noa, the main character, say, “There are no humans!” And 15 years later, he made the movie Innocence where there are almost no human beings. I felt that human beings had finally disappeared from Oshii-san’s consciousness.
For the past four years, while working on the S.A.C. series, I tried to avoid speaking with Oshii-san. Even when I had questions, I didn’t ask him for his ideas.
The result was that Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell world and this includes Innocence, no longer had humans in it, while my S.A.C. decidedly featured “humanity.”
I wasn’t actually conscious of it, but I asked the voice actors to portray the eager members of Section 9 as 15 years younger than the characters in the Ghost in the Shell movie. I also tried to turn Motoko and Aramaki into more down-to-earth characters. (more)


Kenji Kamiyama