Masashi Kishimoto Told His Feeling when He Finished his Work “Naruto” on 2014.




Remarks of Masashi Kishimoto: 

For Kishimoto, what was the fifteen years while he drew manga “Naruto” in Jump as one of the most famous Series?

His Serialization of Naruto got to be loved by readers soon after he started it on Jump.

However, it is said that he was distressed very much in hidden.

Kishimoto reflected the early years then and said “ I had the fever, spewed.

I guess it was because of stress. I was perplexed very deeply to draw manga every week on Jump.

I did not realize that it was so hard.” In addition to serialization on every week, the Place is Jump, it was like a battlefield.

The fan vote was executed and each manga artist competes with each other to get as many votes as they can.

Kishimoto remembered that “it was very hard to draw manga every week on Jump.

Fans decided all of the things related to manga artists.

The number of votes which I got is the most important thing.

Anyone who can not draw Manga which does not get to be loved by readers is no longer needed.”



Masashi Kishimoto