Moyoco Anno Told on Her Work “Sakuran”, “Happy Mania” and “the others at NY Comicon 2013






Question:  As a female reader, I’m always most drawn to stories with interesting female characters.

One of the things I find so striking about your work, is that you’re incredibly honest about both the strengths and

weaknesses of your female characters and what they must do to survive in the world.

Is this kind of honesty important to you as a writer? Do you find it difficult to achieve?


Remarks of Moyoco Anno:

Yes, very much. I always try to be very aware of my feelings,

and I don’t want to live in a way where I think,

well, this is how I should be outwardly,

and therefore I’ll just go along with that and that’s what I’m going to do.

As much as possible I like to avoid that way of living.

But of course sometimes it doesn’t work out,

and I get trapped into y’know what I should do, and I go along with that sometimes.

And if that happens then I always ask myself,

“Why? Why did I do that?”

But that doesn’t make life very easy.




Left: Moyoco Anno, Right: Her husband Hideaki Anno