Fujiko F. Fujio Said Who Should Become a Manga Artist on 2007.




Remarks of Fujiko F. Fujio


“I’ve often heard opinions that say: ‘If you want to become a Manga Artist, you should go out, play around and have a romantic affair. If you have poor life experience, then you are not fit to become a Manga Artist’ I completely disagree with these opinions.


That’s it; the contents of the refrigerators in most houses are the same. Many Manga Artists who have ‘experience of human life’ will cook with these ‘ingredients.’ They will think to themselves: ‘I have to use this…’ As a result, most of the dishes they make are made from experiences of the commonly used school life.


However, You must create manga based not on your experience, but on discreet research. With that, the possibilities of your creation will expand endlessly. I support manga made by people like that. I’d wait for manga by miserable losers more than manga by smarter people who can do well in everything every single time.”





Fujiko F. Fujio