CLAMP Told That Some People is Suitable for the Commercial Publishing and Someone is Not .





— What’s the secret of being able to work together for 15 years?

Ohkawa: Maybe because, when we work, we are not friends.

Doing manga is our job. We are able to forgive things char we would not be able to …

if we were friends, because we are professionals.

But sometimes there are things we can’t forgive since we work as professionals.

Igarashi: We are professionals while we are working,

and we are friends when we hang out together.

We change our mind-sec depending on the situation.

Nekoi: Sometimes, there are things you can’t stand if you are just friends.



— Would you recommend self-publication to artists seeking to debut?

Ohkawa: It depends on the person.

When you publish a book by yourself, you can draw it just for you,

but you can’t do that when you work for a publisher.

If you really want to go for commercial magazines,

you need to understand that—otherwise you would suffer later on.

Some people are suited for commercial magazines,

so it’s good for them to start there.