Makoto Shinkai Explains His Works and Thoughts (A Selection of Interviews)


Voices of a Distant Star

1.Makoto Shinkai’s international smash your name. is approaching the $300 million dollar mark at the international box office

So with all of that combined, I felt like, when I set out to make this movie, I really wanted to incorporate elements of comedy as well as unpredictability for the audience. In doing so, I came up with this very complex timeline narrative structure. At that point, I didn’t necessarily feel like understanding the complex structure and timeline was necessary for the audience. If anything, I wanted to shift the focus to the relationship between the two main characters, our protagonist and romantic interest……It’s interesting you bring that up because I get asked that question a lot: “have you intentionally made this for a much broader audience?” But throughout my entire creative process and career, that was always my intent, to create something that people would be able to engage with, not just a very specific market. So I think at any point and time, I made a movie that was the best I could do with what I had at that moment, both creatively and team-wise. The people who end up supporting it were just a result of what I was able to create. (more)


Mr. Hosoda at the conference


2.Makoto Shinkai interview: how Your Name restored director’s faith in Movies

“It was of course a very simple boy-meets-girl narrative, and I don’t think that narrative has been told in an anime medium in quite some time,” Shinkai, musing on the film’s success, tells EW. “We had no idea that it was going to be received as well as it was and produce the numbers it did. Our initial goal was to aim for about the equivalent of $20 million, and that alone would have been considered a huge hit.”(more)


3.Interview with Makoto Shinkai, Director of Kimi no Na wa.

Yes, I know there are some classics with a switching bodies plot. Back then, the plot of a boy and a girl switching focuses on genders. For example, a girl turns into a boy inside, and the film comically describes “Huh? Isn’t she a bit boyish today?”…and she tries hard to get back to herself. However, this is not the case in 2016. People would rather say, “So what? It’s just gender swapping”. On top of that, the audience would already know how the story goes. So, Kimi no Na wa may seem to start similar to those classic body-switching stories, but as the story unfolds, it actually develops to a completely different theme with unique scenery and unique relationships.(more)


4.Makoto Shinkai: ‘You can’t be Miyazaki, you can only be the second Miyazaki’

Shinkai: I wanted to make a boy meets girl film, but I didn’t want the meeting to come at the beginning of the film, I wanted it to come at the end. The focus of the audience has to be on this boy and girl, and we want the audience to love them. The sci-fi and fantasy elements are there to strengthen those emotions.(more)


5 Centimeters per Second


5.Now Shinkai is back with his latest release, ‘Your Name’ – a tale that crosses bridges and borders with its deep human drama. Check out his exclusive interview with ZTOKYO below.

After completing ‘Garden of Words’, I worked on a few TV adverts and novels. Those experiences opened my eyes up to the power of a good story. It was like I had gained the ability to look down on the entirety of a plot from a birds-eye view. So when I got started on ‘Your Name’, I wanted to focus on the storytelling side of it. I put my entire heart and soul into the plotline, and I’m pretty proud of the result. This is probably my favorite work that I’ve done to date.(more)


6.An Interview with Makoto Shinkai

I wanted to describe those exciting emotions you have as a teenager. The main theme here is these two people have met, and then meet again at the end. But the ‘body swap’ isn’t the main element of the film, they could have met through social media, it was just a prop I used, it didn’t have to be via the body swap…When I started working on this movie, the one important thing I wanted was the audience to leave the cinema with a smile on their face and I also wanted to put some comedy elements into my script, that was the first time I did it.(more)


7.Interview: A Conversation with Makoto Shinkai; the Director of Your Name

We had a series of script meetings once a month for six months, with the producer Genki Kawamura and a team in Toho [one of Japan’s biggest film distributors]. I did the script myself, but every month I met up with them and we talked about it, and they would say, ‘This is boring’ or ‘That’s a bit too complicated.’ So I would update everything and meet up again four weeks later…..Kawamura gave me really good suggestions and a fresh perspective on the structure of the film. For example, Your Name starts with Itomori (a mountain town in the country), where the girl Mitsuha lives. Kawamura said, ‘You’ve got to keep (the opening Itomori sequence) within fifteen minutes; any longer will be boring.’ I agreed that was a good idea.(more)


8.Interview: ‘your name.’ director Shinkai ponders film’s success, own motives

Shinkai: I’ve been making anime for 14 years, and I don’t feel that anything has suddenly changed with this work. There were gradual changes over time. Up until “5 Centimeters Per Second” (Shinka’s third cinema title, released in 2007), the audiences consisted mostly of males. With my next work “Children Who Chase Lost Voices” (2011), there were more females. There may have been elements that women can enjoy, but I also feel that the way anime is received in Japan has changed. I think it’s become more casual, and that they’re not just for the guys……When I went on a TV program the other day, a high school girl asked me, “How can a middle-aged guy in his 40s understand how we feel?” — a bit of a rude question. (Laughs) I didn’t interview any young people and I don’t think I’ve depicted the “true reality.” But the things that were tough for me during my teens are still tough for me now, even though their intensity has faded, and the things that I intensely yearned for, though I may not have gotten them, still dazzle me. The girls that ask “why” don’t just suddenly become adults either, but continue on until our stage in a process of progression. The human differences between each person are bigger than the differences between generations and gender. I don’t think there’s any use thinking about the differences.(more)


9. Please don’t see my film, says Your Name director Shinkai – I don’t want anime body-swapping megahit winning an Oscar

Of course, I’m happy when people mention his name and mine in the same breath. It’s like a dream. But I know they are overpraising Your Name because I am absolutely not at Miyazaki’s level.“Honestly, I really don’t want Miyazaki to see it because he will see all its flaws. ”Despite the rave reviews, Shinkai insists his film is not as good as it could have been – a refreshingly novel approach for the man who is supposed to be promoting it.“There were things that we couldn’t do,” he said, explaining that his team of animators led by one of Miyazaki’s greatest disciples, Masashi Ando, wanted to keep working on it but with money running out he had to cry stop.“For me, it’s incomplete, unbalanced. The plot is fine but the film is not at all perfect. Two years was not enough.”(more)


Hayao Miyazaki

10. Under a Lucky Star: Makoto Shinkai Talks Your Name, The Highest-Grossing Anime Film of All Time

In terms of the digital vs. hand-drawn argument, when I did “Voice of a Distant Star,” I created all of the backgrounds digitally. Because the ultimate medium through which the film was going to be produced and rendered was a digital format. You’re dealing with data, and it seemed like a natural pipeline to already have the backgrounds done and rendered digitally. As far as characters are concerned, frankly I think if we could digitize that process a little more, it would actually be more efficient and better for the pipeline. But that being said, a lot of the staff and a lot of the more experienced people in the industry prefer the pencil and paper method. It’s almost like a legacy artifact from ages before. However, if we can slowly transition to a pen and tablet, that might improve the efficiency of the pipeline.(more)




Shinkai’s Remarks: The Exhibition of Shinkai Makoto is started in Tokyo from 11th November.


Makoto Shinkai(新海誠)and a cast Mr. Ryunosuke Kamiki(神木隆之介)entered the press conference for the exhibition of Makoto Shinkai “from the stars(星野から)” at the Tokyo New Art Museum on November 10 today.

Exhibition of Shinkai Makoto at the New National Museum Jump to the special cite

This exhibition to be held from November 11th to December 18th. There are showed
over 1000 pieces of his drawings, storyboards and concept paintings from the work
Voices of a Distant Star” (2002) to the latest work “Your Name” which records more than the 2.5
million yen box‐office profits. These pieces explain his world and history of Shinkai.
And Kamiki served as a narrator of voice guidance there.

Ryunosuke Kamiki

Kamiki who already visited the exhibition confessed that “I was surprised to see paintings as soon as I entered. I understood at a glance that Mr. Shinkai draws his beautiful paintings with drawing every tiny line. Mr. Shinkai replied that “I am glad to hear that. I hope that audiences will conceive our spirits and carefully works when they watch my paintings I made them with my staffs. I rarely have a chance to tell our efforts and history to crate works”.

Shinko told about the exhibition, “It is often said that own works are like children of the authors. Although I do not think so. I do not care about the future of my works or what kind of reputation they would get. Of course, I wish they would evaluate well, but I would like to appreciate my paintings objectively as they are already not under my hands.” “However, I think it has a meaning to show materials of my works , after I visited this exhibition. Though I felt that I would be in my workplace with displays.”

And Kamiki said “there is a room with total white walls in four sides and his paintings are exhibited there. They are properly set so as to be suitable for each character and history of paintings. This exhibition makes us feel to stay there as long as you want. We can think again of movies with watching each painting, so this is a best place for funs of Shinkai. They cannot wait for visiting here. This exhibition tells us Shinkai’s history and the future of his.(this article is cited from here.)

Makoto Shinkai

Who is Shinkai?  Makoto Shinkai is a Japanese director, writer, producer, animator, editor, cinematographer, voice actor, manga artist and former graphic designer.
Shinkai studied Japanese literature at Chuo University where he was a member of juvenile literature club where he drew picture books. In 1999, Shinkai released She and Her Cat, a five-minute short piece done in monochrome.
His best knows films are The Place Promised in Our Early Days (2004), 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007), Children Who Chase Lost Voices (2011), The Garden of Words (2013), and Your Name (2016).
His favorite anime is Castle in the Sky (1986) by Hayao Miyazaki.

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Pick up: Shinkai’s third work ”5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second is Makoto Shinkai’s third film, and was released in 2007. Themes of distance and separation are explored in its narrative, although unlike his previous films, the events of 5 Centimeters Per Second take place in the real world.



Dehogya gallery’ s talk session is took place with Anno Hideaki, Yoshiaki Nishimura etc..


Background Art Studio “Dehogya Galleries Shareholder Darling” was established to protect Japan’s hand-drawn background art culture, initiated by Hideaki Anno (庵野秀明), Yoshiaki Nishimura (西村義明) and Nobuo Kawakami(川上量生) and they talked together on the theme.

Dehogya gallary

This event was held in commemoration of the opening of the feature animation work “Mary and the Witch’s Flowers” for the first time after Director Nishimura left the Studio Ghibli. Anano said about the thought that agreed with the establishment of the same studio “The hand drawing will become more severe in the situation from now on. Because the digital one is more efficient and it will work, in that kind of situation, I want to leave things like traditional crafts, I want to say that although it can be said to drawing, so I just want you to get a newcomer anyway, if it keeps even a little new, I can continue even though it is small. ”

As regards the importance of background art,  Anno says, “If there are fine arts, it will be possible to make a long scene without characters, and the direction will change as well. On the contrary it could not, if you do not budget art. In that sense, it is important that art director do well as much as character design do well”. Kawakami also says, “Animation directors do not spend money on art even though they think it is important, but in my sense, it is a good idea to look at web services, there art design is one of the important parts,” he said.

Kazuo Oga (男鹿和雄) who served as a director of art such as “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Princess Mononoke” and the naming person of this studio name Dehogyallyary. “Dehogya(でほぎゃ)” is the meaning of saying “let’s leave it, let’s leave it” appropriately in Akita(秋田) dialect, and it was the name that he thought to use if he launched a studio to support the hands-painting. The all of speakers are on the same point to do a good background art” to draw carefully where is important and to draw less where is not important.” (Akita is a prefecture of japan located in the north part of japan)

oga’s work is famous for Totoro.

From such a trend, Nishimura tolled an opinion from Oga that “Because the character is the leading role, we watch the background draws in the edge of our view”. Anano also said that “Hayao Miyazaki(宮崎駿)drew Perth (perspective) incorrectly”. “Animation is exciting, so there are lots of widths. These days polygons (Pictures) are used well, but hand-drawing is also nice. Dehogya gallary also has hand-drawin like Ghibli. It would be better to have it, so I hope that Dehoga gallary will also cooperate when we make animation. ” this article is cited from here.


*Hideaki Anno (庵野 秀明 Anno Hideaki, born May 22, 1960)[1] is a Japanese animator, film director and actor. He is best known for his part in creating the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Hideaki Anno

*Yoshiaki Nishimura (西村 義明 Nishimura Yoshiaki, born September 25, 1977 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese lead film producer formerly of Studio Ghibli and founder of the company Studio Ponoc. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature in 2014 for The Tale of Princess Kaguya.


*Nobuo Kawakami (川上 量生, September 6, 1968 -) is a Japanese businessman and film producer. Kadokawa Corporation President and Representative Director (first generation), Dwango Representative Director and Chairman (first generation), KADOKAWA Corporation Director, Studio Ghibli affiliation, Color Director, Inc., Hiragiri Director, Public Interest Foundation Tokuma Memorial Animation Culture Foundation board director, school corporation director Kadokawa Dwango.

Nobuo Kawakami


“DC Super Heroes vs Hawk’s Claw Group” is released and the greeting stage


The first day stage greetings of the animated film “DC Super Heroes vs Hawk’s Claw Group” (FROGMAN Direkter) (DCスーパーヒーローズvs鷹の爪団) was held at Tokyo · Shinjuku Piccadilly on 21th, Takayuki Yamada (34) Chihaya (23) Akira Yasuda (43) have attended .

directer Frogman

This work was made under the theme “Budget systematically”. In the Screen how much funds remained is indicated by graph. On that day, three people and FROGMAN wore a T-shirt printed on the back with “collapse of budget”, the director said that “the Cost of making a film exceeds the budget every time” and the budget did not remain in this time so I could not prepare the special costume of the greeting. Chiei(知英) said “I am pleased that” I would be get nervous if I wear a dress, and by wearing the same T short together I feel like a team. “(this article is cited from here)

Takayuki Yamada(山田孝之)was asked about the backstage episodes if he losing the aim of the film or managing the budget desperately. He answered that “I do not have such an episode. I plan and execute systematic way and considerably except sake, I drink too much”. This greeting was held on the day after his birthday, so “I drank by this morning o clock today, even though I have decided to end drinking sake until 2 a.m. Then in the end, I fell asleep at six o’clock today.”

the Secret Society of Evil Hawk’s claws has 5 menbers: the president, Yoshida(吉田), Dr. Leonardo, Bodhisattva Pass(菩薩峠), Phillip. They are aiming to conquest the entire world friendly, by making a phantom or a secret weapon, being hindered by the hero deluxe fighter of justice, moreover making a mistake by themselves. Though they never give up their conquest while they are poor.(see here)

Evil Hawk’s claws


New Edition of Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion II will be shown in Theater on February 2018


The release date of animated Movie “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion II (叛道)” where CLAMP plays the original character design was decided on February 10, 2018.


Code Geass will be the second part of the three-part theatrical work composed of TV anime “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” and its sequel “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2″ with a total of 50 episodes, composed entirely of new dubbing Lelouch of the Rebellion II Rebellion. ” Part 1 “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion I Kokodo (興道)” was released today on October 21, and comments from Director Goro Taniguchi and series composition / screen writer Okochiro arrived.

Suzaku’s illustration was designed A4 with clear file “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion II Rex” Mubbitikaard is on sale at the theaters scheduled to show at the nationwide. The third part “CODE GEASS Lelouch of the Rebellion III Emperor (皇道)” will be released in May 2018.

main character Lelouch

“Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion I ” Public Memorial Comment

Goro Taniguchi(谷口悟朗)(Director)
To those who will see from now. I have tried trying to make it even more enjoyable to those who watch TV even for those who watch it for the first time. However, I am sorry. It has become longer than 2 hours. We are aware of the long way in recent movies. Information is also many. Please be prepared.
To those who think what to do. We are also adjusting the sound etc. to enjoy the most in movie theaters. I hope if you can enjoy it in the environment assumed by the staff if possible.
This work is set on the earth in a fictional age. Most of the world is occupied by three of “E.U”, “Chinese Federation”, and “Sacred Britannia Empire”, Japan is set to be occupied by Sacred Britannia Empire and becoming a colony. Among them, the abandoned prince and son of the Holy Britannia empire are living …… It will be a development, but as I do not draw a setting, I will live in such a world and go forward I started talking about Lelouch as he wanted to draw a human being. It may be a tiny event of not more than a few years in the long history of mankind. But that is why he is going forward. We have to proceed. And, apart from such circumstances of the world, many people will also advance for their own way. I thought that it is the world, I am taking code Geass. This work reconstitutes a television work of ten years ago. Regardless of it, I understand that negative opinions on using images at the time of broadcasting will come out. It will be ugly. It will be uneven. But they are staffs and casts that have been moving for ten years. In that sense, I think that this is one of the documentaries. It is said that such a thing is “Code Geass” “Lelouch of the Rebellion”. Hopefully this passion will reach you in your mind at all.

Okouchi Ichiro (大河内一楼)(series composition / script)
Ten years have passed since the broadcast of “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion”. Even after 10 years, the voice of support ceased. Many fans continued to love ‘Code Geass’.
In response to that voice, the concept of the sequel has been raised. We took this opportunity to summarize “Code Geass” so far and want to make new people enjoy it. However, seeing all 50 TV series is hard to enter, it is hard for people to recommend. So, I reconstructed it into the form of three movies. Everyone who knew about “Code Geass” for the first time, it is okay if you only see this movie. Everyone who loved ‘Code Geass’ for ten years, please encourage this movie and increase the number of friends. We devised so that everyone who saw the TV series, including all new sounds, addition of new scenes, can enjoy it.
The new decade of “Code Geass” will start from October 21st. Everyone, I’m very glad when you stand at that starting point. (this article is cited from here)

Okochichi Ichiro 大河内一楼

Interviews on Live action Film “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” of Jojo’ Actor


Josuke higashiyama

Hirohiko Araki’s super popular comic “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険)which continues to increase fans with unique style and unusual worldview. The fourth part, “Diamond Is Unbreakable“(ダイヤモンドは砕けない), was made into a live-action film by directer Takashi Miike(三池崇史). In the fictitious city Morio-cho(杜王町), Kento Yamazaki(山崎賢人) playing the main character’s high school student Josuke Higashigata(東方仗助) and Yusuke Iseya(伊勢谷友介) play the character Kyujyo Jyotaro(空条承太郎)who tells the story  and fight with Kujyo Jyotaro. Jyotaro describes fights with friends who have special abilities (stands) and their friendship。


Q:  enthusiastic fans of Jojo are afraid how good the Story will be in Live- action Film. How do you feel when you received an offer?

Yamazaki: The pressure was very large. However, After I read the original manga, I realized that the Story, the character and the world view are really exciting. Then I found it cool to play Josuke and became a fun of him, as he has a strong will and very sharp and the world view of the work is cool, so I wanted to play it.

Iseya: I have always been reading “JoJo” since the start of the series, and I was particularly into it about part 3 and part 4. A special manga that likes that distinctive graphic and is truly respectful. There was quite a lot of pressure on how to do it in real life. In the world, I think that “this is the work I want it to be a Live-action movie, but at the same time,  I do not want to see it as a Live-action Film because of  the afraid to make a good Film. Honestly I needed courage, but there was an ego as an actor, “I wanted to play Jojo instead of other actors”.that is this is a very honorable Roll.


Q: In fact, at the cast announcement,  pros and cons goes up emerged from the original fan on Internet. Have you been nervous?

Iseya: I haven not read opinions about me on Internet. It is not a good habit to read such opinions  even if they are pros or cons. there is a possibility to betray support expectations from fans, but also to make it well against the  hostile remarks. So it makes no difference to read them in any case. I guess that every actors and actress try not to read such comments on Internet as less as possible. However, no matter how I try it, i cannot help but to notice some opinions. it is impossible to completely ignore it, though.

Yamazaki: Well, even though I do not like to read negative opinions on Internet,  I always tried not to care for. However I wanted to participate in the Miik Group in spite of such stress, sience all these casts were gathered, and great  and so I thought ‘I will do it!’

Iseya: I played in a movie called “CASSHERN” although it is a live-action work of animation, but SNS was not as much as now at that time (released in 2004), “Iseya’s face is different from Casshern I did not hear such a voice very much. But, since there are so many fans living in the visual of “JoJo”, it is said that the voice is coming “just different from Jyotaro” right now. I am used to such complains already (bitter smile).


In 1999 in the town of Morioh (杜王町 Moriō-chō) located in S-City, M-Prefecture (M県S市 Emu-ken, Esu-shi), Josuke Higashikata (東方 仗助 Higashikata Jōsuke, the kanji 助 suke, can also be read as jo) is a popular boy in high school who becomes quick friends with one of his classmates, Koichi Hirose. When Josuke’s nephew Jotaro Kujo (who’s older than Josuke himself, despite the fact his grandfather, Joseph Joestar, is Josuke’s biological father) appears, Josuke is suddenly pulled into the world of the supernatural powers known as Stands. One of DIO’s henchmen has brought the Bow and Arrow to Morioh, and someone has been using it on various people in the town, creating Stand users—as discovered when one of them, the murderer Anjuro “Angelo” Katagiri, uses the power of his Stand Aqua Necklace to try and kill Josuke for interfering with his plans to rob a store and generally disturb the peace in Morioh earlier. Aqua Necklace manages to kill Josuke’s grandfather, Ryohei Higashikata, in revenge for him being jailed by him. Josuke and Jotaro eventually capture him and, as a consequence of insulting Josuke’s hair, ends up getting fused to the rock he was leaning on at the time, becoming a tourist attraction known as “Angelo Rock” in the process…….

The cast includes:

Kento Yamazaki (Orange, Your Lie in April, Heroine Shikkaku, Wolf Girl and Black Prince, live-action Death Note television) as Jōsuke Higashikata
Ryunosuke Kamiki (Howl’s Moving Castle, The Secret World of Arrietty, Bakuman., Rurouni Kenshin Part II: Kyoto Inferno) as Kōichi Hirose
Nana Komatsu (Bakuman., Kin Kyori Renai, World of Kanako) as Yukako Yamagishi
Masaki Okada (Hana-Kimi, Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu, Otomen, Mahō Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto, Space Brothers) as Keichō Nijimura
Mackenyu (Chihayafuru) as Okuyasu Nijimura
Takayuki Yamada (Bakuman., Terra Formars, Crows Zero, Gantz) as Anjūrō Katagiri
Yusuke Iseya (Casshern, Rurouni Kenshin Part II: Kyoto Inferno, Shinjuku Swan, Honey and Clover) as Jōtarō Kūjō
Alisa Mizuki (Doraemon: Nobita no Space Heroes) as Tomoko Higashikata
Jun Kunimura (Attack on Titan, Chihayafuru, The Wind Rises, Ichi the Killer) as Ryōhei Higashikata




The Trailer of “Blade Runner Black Out” released and Directer Watanabe Greeted

jump to you the trailer in you tube

A screening event of short animation “Blade Runner Black Out 2022” was released at Tokyo · Space FS Shiodome on September 26, and the director of the work, Shinichiro Watanabe(渡辺信一郎) entered on it.

This film took place in the year 2022, three years after the hero Deckard disappeared in Ridley Scott’s work “Blade Runner“. In this work large blackout caused by two replicants (artificial human) called Iggy and Trixy, and it is also the prologue of “Blade Runner 2049”.

Watanabe remembered what he thought when the offer came and said: “Since I was influenced by” Blade Runner “, I felt that I had two contradict thought: I feel like accepting this offer, on the other hand, I felt that it is so hard work that I did not want.  However however hard the work is, I should do it as I admire “Blade runner”, so I accepted it. ” “there were a lot of fans of” Blade Runner in my office, not only me but also assistants. “So I could not make any mistake. It put my all efforts on over 15 minutes of animation released on the web “. Watanabe expressed confidence on the work.

Shinji Aramaki(荒牧伸志) who designed the flight vehicle “Spiner” that appeared in this work also entered the stage. Aramaki said about “Blade Runner”.  “It is a work that impressed people in the animation industry, especially for those who makes SF animation, they cannot avoid to watch this movie.” “And the famous description , that is a town with skyscrapers fogged by smokes and dirty rain falls, it makes a typical image of the near future, and this image came out for first time in this movie. I am also influenced by “Blade Runner”, so I float an airship for advertisement in my original animation”.(this article is cited from here)

Shinichiro Watanabe
Watanabe’s famous work.

Hayao Miyazaki did not want to watch the work “Mary and the Witch’s Flower”.



Director Hiromasa Yonbayashi entered a special talk event on the animation film “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” held in Tokyo on 22nd. And he confessed that “Mr. Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli, my teacher, did not see this work”.

According to Director Yonebayashi, “when I first decided to make this work, I reported to Studio Ghibli Director Hayao Miyazaki and Suzuki Toshio Producer, and they gave me inspiration that they could “be prepared for it”, and Director Isao Takahata described it  “interesting”.

Director Yonebayashi said, “Director Miyazaki said I do not watch this work, after having finally finished a new work and visiting Ghibli”. However, Yonebayashi also revealed that Miyazaki put words of appreciation for my best efforts on this work. Also, “Since the completion of the work was late for the delay, Mr. Miyazaki was worried and said to me that” Can you really finish it? “, So I am glad that I could report the completion successfully. ” He  showed the expression of relief.

“Nishimura producer showed his confidence of this work as it is started by Yonebayashi’s Motivation from his 20 years carrier in Ghibli. Yonebayashi also stated “I’ve made it very hard for two and a half years.” “In the movie, Mary loses its magical power on the way, but what kind of feeling helps her to stands up with at the time to move forward?, … please watch this movie and I will be happy, when you are encouraged to take a next step”, he added a comment as if he overplayed himself with Mary, and appealed the movie.

this article is cited from here.

see also this page.“Director Yonebayashi remarks about the start of the work “Mary and the Witch’s Flower””


New Anime series “Atom the Beginning” and the Interview of Mr. Ishiguro, a Robot scientist

The Animation “Atom the Beginning” is broadcasting from April 15th on NHK Channel. This anime is originated from the worldwide famous anime “Mighty Atom”drawn by Tezuka Osamu and explains how atom is made.



The Interview of Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro (石黒浩), a robot scientist

“It is interesting that the story is more realistic than the original one. Atom has a self. This is a point to think deeply as a robot scientist. Especially Atom is drawn as a strong robot and he is perplexed by the fact of his strength for he is a kind personality. Is it possible to balance the unrivaled strength and a kind personality? If it possible, what is the reason? So this anime is more interesting than the original as it make me think about such a point.”

(This article is cited from

Atom the Beginning
Hiroshi Ishiguro
Homepage of Ishiguro
Osamu Tezuka

The interview about the Attack on Titan season 2 with Mr. Kawakubo.


The interview about the Attack on Titan season 2 with Mr. Kawakubo.

Attack on Titan is a famous and popular animation last several years and

this April started the Season 2 .

This news is an interview of Mr. Kawakubo (川窪)who is an editor of the works.



── This Month the broadcast of ‘Attack On Titan Season 2 ‘started. Four years have passed since the broadcast of the first period, I have a question. Was the Plan of “Season 2” already decided when the first term ended?

Mr. Shintaro Kawakubo
We could not start it right away. We had a feeling that “I want to do it quickly” in the team made the first period including Mr. Isayama. However, there were a lot of problems and I thought it would have been broadcasted earlier than the case, but it was announced that “It will be around the year, 2016 or 2017 “. To be honest as an editor in charge, I had a feeling that “I want to see a second period as soon as possible!” (Laugh).

── From the standpoint of editing in charge, what do you do in making an animation?

My majour role is to assist Mr. Isayama when he tells animation staffs what he is thinking, and to coordinate between them. In Isayama’s view there is an idea that “This part was drawn with the intention”. While talking with animation staffs about such a part, I make some opinions like “Does his intension influence this part in the way that……?”

─ ─ Mr. Isayama was deeply involved in the production of the first period, he is also involved in “Season 2” closely?

Yes. “Season 2” will be composed of 12 stories, and you will find the thickest things come from the original manga. For example, Regarding the scene where it is revealed who a titan is, Mr. Isayama himself had written the story very carefully in the original manga, so he proposed to the animation staffs that “I drew this scene with such an intention that ……” or “I asked you to draw here so that ……. ” Since there are already 22 original volumes manga, he reflected the story and said sometimes “it would be more effective to put a scene in a anime story than to make it correctly according to the original. Frequently, Mr. Isayama says, “In comparison whith music, the original story is like a live performance, and the animation is the one that is recorded for the CD in a special room”. In this way we the animation are brushing up the original in order to make it more enjoyable.
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