Go Nagai Explained Why his works “Mazinger Z” and others are accepted all over the world on 2015.



Mazinger Z



From “Mazinger Z” to “Cutie Honey”, with masterful world-building skills, impactful stories, and a turn of phrase that does not fear the taboo, Go Nagai is a charismatic figure who is popular not only in Japan but all over the world. As a star of the manga world, how will he interpret the “love letters of Japanese manga”, which were sent from all over the world?


Go Nagai


Remarks of Go Nagai


Q: What particular element do you think has made your works, such as Mazinger Z7 or UFO Robot Grendizer8 so successful overseas?


A: First, I think they were surprised at the sense of… reality.

Even if you create a fictional world, it still needs to be convincing.

Regardless of how much the story escalates, or how large-scale it is,

when there’s an eating scene, people need to say “delicious!” or a girl needs to squeal and say “That’s so embarrassing!”

It’s the accumulation of these emotional expressions that give birth to a convincing reality.

Just like in Mazinger Z, you can see the people who are harmed by the robot’s activities and it has an amazing impact.

Perhaps that part felt very fresh to them.   Source


Who is Nagai?

If Osamu Tezuka is the father of manga, Go Nagai (永井 豪, Nagai Gō, born September 6, 1945) is the cool uncle

who lets you sneak sips of his beer and always tells the funniest dirty stories.

Active since 1967, he has had a great influence on the world of Manga and Anime;

he effectively created many of their tropes, such as the Super Robot Genre.

While best known for his Mecha and Horror series,

Nagai has also created a lot of comedy and erotic material and even a Magical Girl series aimed at children.(more)