The Trailer of The Movie “Pretty Cure Super Stars! ” Is Now Released and “Hug! Pretty Cure” appears in it.


Hug! Pretty Cure


Since February 1, 2004, started broadcasting TV from “Futari Wa Pretty Cure“,

the “PreCure” series that has been popular in the blink of an eye and continues to be widely loved by children.

This year, the year of the milestone in 2018 and the 15th anniversary celebrating the milestone,

with increasing momentum, the new series “HUG! Pretty Cure” started broadcasting from February 4th.

I can do anything!” “I can be anything!” this new series will draw a super positive message through

the personality of Pretty Cure with strength like “Mother“.

“HUG! Precure” will appear in the movie for the first time before TV series starts,

and the movie “The Movie Pretty Cure Super Stars! “will be released nationwide from Saturday, March 17th.

And the trailer movie of it is now on the Internet.




Aoi You gives a voice to The Character in the Film “Pretty Cure Ala Mood Paris!”


It was revealed that Yuki Aki (悠木碧)will participate as a guest voice actor in theatrical animation “Movie Glitter ☆ Pretty Cure Ala Mood Paris! Memorable Millefeil!”.

Yuki is known for the animation “Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica“. In this work she gives voice to Cook, who is a ghost of a pastry chew, posses in a recipe book. Cook is a character aiming to complete the ultimate sweets.

Yuki’s remarks:

When I heard the casting offer, I was surprised that I could not believe that I would act as a voice actor of PreCure. In front of the television to watch PreCure series, I always feel that I return to a child and supported the pretty cure, but at the time of recording, I had to focus my mind to the recording as an adults and professional in front of the microphone.

I fell in love with Cure Chocolat at first sight, and became a PreCure fan from this series.  It looks very lovely that everyone PreCures work hard, and now I love every PreCures!  I spend a wonderful time that I experienced in my childhood when I watch the series, and I get motivation “I will try again tomorrow!”

My Role “Cook” is sweet and cute, but it is a character like a bonbon sweet that has many tastes on after another. I am proud that I became a part of the wonderful work, I say to everyone, “Lets La ☆ Mix admiration and “happiness”! I will do my best to deliver it! (this article is cited from here)

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