Leiji Matsumoto, The Author of “Space Battle Ship Yamato” the Nature and longs for feeling it.


the space battleship Yamato



The work of manga artist Leiji Matsumoto mixes historical periods, themes and technologies, often in a science-fiction setting:

His signature comics involve steam locomotives and reborn World War II battleships sailing among the stars.

These grand flights of fancy, which have found fans around the world.


Leiji Matsumoto


Remarks of Leiji Matsumoto

“When I was a child, and indeed throughout my life,

I was always thinking and reading about the Earth and sentient beings in the past, present and future,” Matsumoto says.

“I grew up watching many American cartoons like Mickey Mouse and movies, especially ‘Gone With the Wind,’

and that memorable scene in which Scarlett O’Hara swears, ‘I’ll never be hungry again.’”




Leiji Matsumoto (born January 5, 1938) is one of the great names of anime and manga, primarily for being the principal creator of what is probably one of the earliest shared continuities over several anime series, creating a unified arc commonly referred to as the Leijiverse. The characters and settings, combined with a strong reception in the West, meant that his early series were often the primary introduction to anime for Western viewers of the ’70s and early ’80s.(more)



Hideaki Anno talked on ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’ in the year of 1997.


Not exactly the kind of words you’d expect from director Hideaki Anno about his 1995 production ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’.

Taking him by surprise, it’s been hailed by critics in Japan (and later in America and Europe) as the landmark Japanese animated TV series of the 90’s.

The modestly budgeted production has also become a commercial success,

grossing over 800 million dollars in video sales and 400 million in merchandise in Japan alone.




Remarks of Hideaki Anno: 

“Shinji does reflect my character, both the conscious and unconscious parts,”

“I wasn’t thrown out by my father or anything”

“Anime makers have to try and reach out and truly communicate with others.

I would guess that the greatest thing anime has ever achieved is the fact that we’re holding a dialogue right here and now.”


Hideaki Anno


Hideaki Anno (庵野 秀明), born May 22, 1960) is a Japanese animator, film director. He is best known for his part in creating the popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. His style has become defined by the bits of postmodernism he instills into his work, as well as the extensive portrayal of characters’ thoughts and emotions, often through unconventional scenes incorporating the mental deconstruction of those characters.(more)



Galaxy Express 999 will be made into the Stage in its 40th Anniversary.

Toei Animation(東映アニメーション) announced that the old famous animation “Galaxy Express 999” written by Reiji Matsumoto(松本零士)will be made into the stage in the year that this animation celebrates the 40th anniversary. The screenplay will be based on the story of the first movie version released in 1979 in addition to the original scene. In this story the main character Tetsuro Hoshino(星野哲郎) faces many challenges in his journey and fights with the enemy “the count Mashine (機械伯爵) in the time castle(時間城).


■ Comments of the Superviser Reiji Matsumoto, who contributed original work.
I am still traveling with Tetsuro in the space. The terminal station is still far from here. I am very looking forward to seeing the stage “Galaxy Express 999” ~ GALAXY OPERA ~. Haruka who plays Maetel is a beautiful, gentle, elegant woman. It is a woman that she is much suitable for Maetel. She will surely encourage boys like Tetsuro. And I’m appreciated and grateful that Mr. Nakagawa(中川晃教) plays Tesuro who represents my young heart. I am very happy.

Reiji Matsumoto

■Comments of Akinori Nakagawa(中川晃教)
It is 40 years since “Galaxy Express 999” was born. Through Mr. Tetsuro Matsumoto’s teacher’s alter ego, I am happy and tensioned that I can overlap me with the heart of Matsumoto through the roll Tetsuro who is alter ego of Matsumoto. This animation was made 40 years before but it inspired us even now in some ways. Then I am very honored that I can participate in this play. I will do my best to be able to make a nice galaxy journey with all the people related to the Galaxy Railway 999 and the customers who come to see it.


■Comments of Haruka(ハルカ)who plays Maetel.
Passengers in 999 represents our life in this world unquestionably. Everyone pursues their dreams, aiming for the unseen star, asking their own existential meaning, traveling on an unseen journey thinking of someone who can never meet again.
I was encouraged by Mr. Matsumoto and the main character Tetsuro several times before. In this play I will encouraging Tetsuro as Maetel. I hope by acting this roll that I can motivate those who are continuing a solitary journey like Tetsuro. This is the best glad than any other thing. I firmly inherit the dreams of the boys entrusted by Mr. Matsumoto and I would like to perform a strong and beautiful woman than anyone else.(this article is cited from here)


The Trailer of “Blade Runner Black Out” released and Directer Watanabe Greeted

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A screening event of short animation “Blade Runner Black Out 2022” was released at Tokyo · Space FS Shiodome on September 26, and the director of the work, Shinichiro Watanabe(渡辺信一郎) entered on it.

This film took place in the year 2022, three years after the hero Deckard disappeared in Ridley Scott’s work “Blade Runner“. In this work large blackout caused by two replicants (artificial human) called Iggy and Trixy, and it is also the prologue of “Blade Runner 2049”.

Watanabe remembered what he thought when the offer came and said: “Since I was influenced by” Blade Runner “, I felt that I had two contradict thought: I feel like accepting this offer, on the other hand, I felt that it is so hard work that I did not want.  However however hard the work is, I should do it as I admire “Blade runner”, so I accepted it. ” “there were a lot of fans of” Blade Runner in my office, not only me but also assistants. “So I could not make any mistake. It put my all efforts on over 15 minutes of animation released on the web “. Watanabe expressed confidence on the work.

Shinji Aramaki(荒牧伸志) who designed the flight vehicle “Spiner” that appeared in this work also entered the stage. Aramaki said about “Blade Runner”.  “It is a work that impressed people in the animation industry, especially for those who makes SF animation, they cannot avoid to watch this movie.” “And the famous description , that is a town with skyscrapers fogged by smokes and dirty rain falls, it makes a typical image of the near future, and this image came out for first time in this movie. I am also influenced by “Blade Runner”, so I float an airship for advertisement in my original animation”.(this article is cited from here)

Shinichiro Watanabe
Watanabe’s famous work.