Hideaki Anno said He had no choice but to collage.


Hideaki Anno


I think we can not help but to collage other works in making a animation. 

There is nothing for it. If there is an original thing,  it is my life. 

Nobody experienced my life other than me. 

therefore, I have only a choice to exploit my life in creating an original work.” 




Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water

Chika Umino said she had no choice but to go this way, a Creator of ”March Comes in Like a Lion”




“If I draw Shogi, it is boring because there are not three sisters. If I draw 3 sisters, I do not care if I do not have a shogi scene. Women are hard to purchase if I draw it in a youth magazine, and men are hard to go if the original picture exhibition is held. I scream at night with Rei.
I don’t have the other way anymore.  “



Galaxy Express 999 will be made into the Stage in its 40th Anniversary.

Toei Animation(東映アニメーション) announced that the old famous animation “Galaxy Express 999” written by Reiji Matsumoto(松本零士)will be made into the stage in the year that this animation celebrates the 40th anniversary. The screenplay will be based on the story of the first movie version released in 1979 in addition to the original scene. In this story the main character Tetsuro Hoshino(星野哲郎) faces many challenges in his journey and fights with the enemy “the count Mashine (機械伯爵) in the time castle(時間城).


■ Comments of the Superviser Reiji Matsumoto, who contributed original work.
I am still traveling with Tetsuro in the space. The terminal station is still far from here. I am very looking forward to seeing the stage “Galaxy Express 999” ~ GALAXY OPERA ~. Haruka who plays Maetel is a beautiful, gentle, elegant woman. It is a woman that she is much suitable for Maetel. She will surely encourage boys like Tetsuro. And I’m appreciated and grateful that Mr. Nakagawa(中川晃教) plays Tesuro who represents my young heart. I am very happy.

Reiji Matsumoto

■Comments of Akinori Nakagawa(中川晃教)
It is 40 years since “Galaxy Express 999” was born. Through Mr. Tetsuro Matsumoto’s teacher’s alter ego, I am happy and tensioned that I can overlap me with the heart of Matsumoto through the roll Tetsuro who is alter ego of Matsumoto. This animation was made 40 years before but it inspired us even now in some ways. Then I am very honored that I can participate in this play. I will do my best to be able to make a nice galaxy journey with all the people related to the Galaxy Railway 999 and the customers who come to see it.


■Comments of Haruka(ハルカ)who plays Maetel.
Passengers in 999 represents our life in this world unquestionably. Everyone pursues their dreams, aiming for the unseen star, asking their own existential meaning, traveling on an unseen journey thinking of someone who can never meet again.
I was encouraged by Mr. Matsumoto and the main character Tetsuro several times before. In this play I will encouraging Tetsuro as Maetel. I hope by acting this roll that I can motivate those who are continuing a solitary journey like Tetsuro. This is the best glad than any other thing. I firmly inherit the dreams of the boys entrusted by Mr. Matsumoto and I would like to perform a strong and beautiful woman than anyone else.(this article is cited from here)


Code Geass Came Back to Us. The New Film started to be on the screen.


“Code Geass” 1st Compilation Film “Koudou” is now coming to the screen on 21 octover in japan.


this scene changed my view of life。



i wanna let more people know this anime( ᵒ̴̶̷᷄௰ᵒ̴̶̷᷅ )
stand up together!!


i celebrate releasing the movie
welcome back here Geass!
i was waiting for you Lelouch from my heart!
I love you for ever!


the best scene that Lord Guildford helped the Queen in expence of his life


finally the new Movie is on the screen from today!




Now in Made cafe. i couldnot go to see the movie today, so i let the made draw the face of suzaku on my dish!
i love him( ˙-˙ )
but… in truth i am suzaku, so this painting looks like me( ˙-˙ )