Aoi You gives a voice to The Character in the Film “Pretty Cure Ala Mood Paris!”


It was revealed that Yuki Aki (悠木碧)will participate as a guest voice actor in theatrical animation “Movie Glitter ☆ Pretty Cure Ala Mood Paris! Memorable Millefeil!”.

Yuki is known for the animation “Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica“. In this work she gives voice to Cook, who is a ghost of a pastry chew, posses in a recipe book. Cook is a character aiming to complete the ultimate sweets.

Yuki’s remarks:

When I heard the casting offer, I was surprised that I could not believe that I would act as a voice actor of PreCure. In front of the television to watch PreCure series, I always feel that I return to a child and supported the pretty cure, but at the time of recording, I had to focus my mind to the recording as an adults and professional in front of the microphone.

I fell in love with Cure Chocolat at first sight, and became a PreCure fan from this series.  It looks very lovely that everyone PreCures work hard, and now I love every PreCures!  I spend a wonderful time that I experienced in my childhood when I watch the series, and I get motivation “I will try again tomorrow!”

My Role “Cook” is sweet and cute, but it is a character like a bonbon sweet that has many tastes on after another. I am proud that I became a part of the wonderful work, I say to everyone, “Lets La ☆ Mix admiration and “happiness”! I will do my best to deliver it! (this article is cited from here)

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