The Trailer of “Blade Runner Black Out” released and Directer Watanabe Greeted

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A screening event of short animation “Blade Runner Black Out 2022” was released at Tokyo · Space FS Shiodome on September 26, and the director of the work, Shinichiro Watanabe(渡辺信一郎) entered on it.

This film took place in the year 2022, three years after the hero Deckard disappeared in Ridley Scott’s work “Blade Runner“. In this work large blackout caused by two replicants (artificial human) called Iggy and Trixy, and it is also the prologue of “Blade Runner 2049”.

Watanabe remembered what he thought when the offer came and said: “Since I was influenced by” Blade Runner “, I felt that I had two contradict thought: I feel like accepting this offer, on the other hand, I felt that it is so hard work that I did not want.  However however hard the work is, I should do it as I admire “Blade runner”, so I accepted it. ” “there were a lot of fans of” Blade Runner in my office, not only me but also assistants. “So I could not make any mistake. It put my all efforts on over 15 minutes of animation released on the web “. Watanabe expressed confidence on the work.

Shinji Aramaki(荒牧伸志) who designed the flight vehicle “Spiner” that appeared in this work also entered the stage. Aramaki said about “Blade Runner”.  “It is a work that impressed people in the animation industry, especially for those who makes SF animation, they cannot avoid to watch this movie.” “And the famous description , that is a town with skyscrapers fogged by smokes and dirty rain falls, it makes a typical image of the near future, and this image came out for first time in this movie. I am also influenced by “Blade Runner”, so I float an airship for advertisement in my original animation”.(this article is cited from here)

Shinichiro Watanabe
Watanabe’s famous work.