“DC Super Heroes vs Hawk’s Claw Group” is released and the greeting stage


The first day stage greetings of the animated film “DC Super Heroes vs Hawk’s Claw Group” (FROGMAN Direkter) (DCスーパーヒーローズvs鷹の爪団) was held at Tokyo · Shinjuku Piccadilly on 21th, Takayuki Yamada (34) Chihaya (23) Akira Yasuda (43) have attended .

directer Frogman

This work was made under the theme “Budget systematically”. In the Screen how much funds remained is indicated by graph. On that day, three people and FROGMAN wore a T-shirt printed on the back with “collapse of budget”, the director said that “the Cost of making a film exceeds the budget every time” and the budget did not remain in this time so I could not prepare the special costume of the greeting. Chiei(知英) said “I am pleased that” I would be get nervous if I wear a dress, and by wearing the same T short together I feel like a team. “(this article is cited from here)

Takayuki Yamada(山田孝之)was asked about the backstage episodes if he losing the aim of the film or managing the budget desperately. He answered that “I do not have such an episode. I plan and execute systematic way and considerably except sake, I drink too much”. This greeting was held on the day after his birthday, so “I drank by this morning o clock today, even though I have decided to end drinking sake until 2 a.m. Then in the end, I fell asleep at six o’clock today.”

the Secret Society of Evil Hawk’s claws has 5 menbers: the president, Yoshida(吉田), Dr. Leonardo, Bodhisattva Pass(菩薩峠), Phillip. They are aiming to conquest the entire world friendly, by making a phantom or a secret weapon, being hindered by the hero deluxe fighter of justice, moreover making a mistake by themselves. Though they never give up their conquest while they are poor.(see here)

Evil Hawk’s claws