Aoi You gives a voice to The Character in the Film “Pretty Cure Ala Mood Paris!”


It was revealed that Yuki Aki (悠木碧)will participate as a guest voice actor in theatrical animation “Movie Glitter ☆ Pretty Cure Ala Mood Paris! Memorable Millefeil!”.

Yuki is known for the animation “Magical Girl Madoka ☆ Magica“. In this work she gives voice to Cook, who is a ghost of a pastry chew, posses in a recipe book. Cook is a character aiming to complete the ultimate sweets.

Yuki’s remarks:

When I heard the casting offer, I was surprised that I could not believe that I would act as a voice actor of PreCure. In front of the television to watch PreCure series, I always feel that I return to a child and supported the pretty cure, but at the time of recording, I had to focus my mind to the recording as an adults and professional in front of the microphone.

I fell in love with Cure Chocolat at first sight, and became a PreCure fan from this series.  It looks very lovely that everyone PreCures work hard, and now I love every PreCures!  I spend a wonderful time that I experienced in my childhood when I watch the series, and I get motivation “I will try again tomorrow!”

My Role “Cook” is sweet and cute, but it is a character like a bonbon sweet that has many tastes on after another. I am proud that I became a part of the wonderful work, I say to everyone, “Lets La ☆ Mix admiration and “happiness”! I will do my best to deliver it! (this article is cited from here)

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The Premiere Party of the new film “March comes in like a lion second part” was hold in Tokyo

“March comes in like a lion” is a film created into a live action and based on the the same name manga. The first part is already released last year and the second part will come to the theater soon.



The Premiere Party of the new film “March comes in like a lion second part” was hold in Tokyo on 22. April. This film is based on the same name Manga drawn by Umino Chika(羽海野チカ).


In this party appeared casts Ryunosuke Kamiki(神木隆之介) acted Rei Kiriyama as (桐山零), Kana Kurashina (倉科カナ)acted as Akari Kawamoto(川本あかり), and the Director Keishi Otomo(大友啓史). They told about the main attractions of this film.


Kamiki said “ I changed Duffle coat has other colors in the movie. The color expresses Rei’s feelings.”


Kurashina explains the importance of the dinner scenes. They are very heartwarming and ease Rei and Kawamoto family’s feelings”.


At last the director told “ the climax of this movie is the scene of the game between Soya(宗谷) and Rei. How does look Rei like? It is important. Rei is brought up by Soya and now Rei would defeat him in the game. I hope that audiences blesse Rei like a member of his family as they have watched over him since he is a child.”


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Kinoshita Yukina attended a film premiere parity of the movie “Kamisama Minarai Himitsu no kokotama Kiseki wo Okose♪”

A TV Personality Kinoshita Yukina (木下優樹菜, 29 years old) attended a film premiere parity in Tokyo on the 16th and speak about the movie “Kamisama Minarai Himitsu no kokotama Kiseki wo Okose♪ Tepple to dokidoki kokotama kai” (「映画かみさまみならい ヒミツのここたま 奇跡をおこせ♪テップルとドキドキここたま界」), it is based on the same name anime broadcasting by Tokyo TV.

This anime is a popular animation broadcasted now on Tokyo TV group. This is a heartwarming story about the girl Kokoro Yotsuha(四葉こころ) and a spirit creature Kokotama(ここたま). This story started with an encounter of the two; Yotsuha follows her groundmother’s teaching that everything has a spirit, and so she take care of thing. Someday she encounters Rakitama(ラキたま), one of the spirit creatures, coming from her favorite pencil and they live together avoiding to find out by Kokoro’s parents.

Kinoshita, also a mother of 4-year-old and 1-year old daughter, said, “I watch the anime every time with my daughter who loving it.”

Kinoshita is responsible for the voice of “Hapipina”, a kokotama. She said “This kokotama don’t appear in in the anime series. It is one of the attracting point of this film.”and “please watch new kokotama’s goods Tepple shoes and trouser with interest!”.

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The Trailer of the live action movie based on “ Fullmetal Archemist” is released.

Argawa Hiroshi’s manga “ Fullmetal Archemist” is created into a live-action Film by Fumihiko Sori whose major Work is “Ping Pong”. A trailer of the Movie is published this time.

In the trailer, Edward and his brother · Alphonse tried a forbidden human body alchemical reaction in order to see their died mother. Furthermore, Edward is wearing the steel prosthesis “machine armor (Automatic Mail)”, and make weapons using alchemical reactions, and the battle scene of Alphonse are seen.

Mr. Sori, Director of this movie, told his expressions about the Scene that as a result of the failure of the human body alchemical reaction Edwards lost his limbs and Alphonse all of his body. “The main theme of this Film is the brothers heavy burden resulted from the Taboo related to life.” And now that we could reach the point that it is possible to jump onto the place where the Japanese film technology could not have done before, and we have a lot of advanced technologies, so I want to challenge this work. I’m trying to touch the area is unexpected by the audiences before, but the technology is only the part of a good work and the Story is the most important part. So “the story” is the first and I think that it would be really wonderful if the technology is integrated carefully to express the story “.
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