Hayao Miyazaki did not want to watch the work “Mary and the Witch’s Flower”.



Director Hiromasa Yonbayashi entered a special talk event on the animation film “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” held in Tokyo on 22nd. And he confessed that “Mr. Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli, my teacher, did not see this work”.

According to Director Yonebayashi, “when I first decided to make this work, I reported to Studio Ghibli Director Hayao Miyazaki and Suzuki Toshio Producer, and they gave me inspiration that they could “be prepared for it”, and Director Isao Takahata described it  “interesting”.

Director Yonebayashi said, “Director Miyazaki said I do not watch this work, after having finally finished a new work and visiting Ghibli”. However, Yonebayashi also revealed that Miyazaki put words of appreciation for my best efforts on this work. Also, “Since the completion of the work was late for the delay, Mr. Miyazaki was worried and said to me that” Can you really finish it? “, So I am glad that I could report the completion successfully. ” He  showed the expression of relief.

“Nishimura producer showed his confidence of this work as it is started by Yonebayashi’s Motivation from his 20 years carrier in Ghibli. Yonebayashi also stated “I’ve made it very hard for two and a half years.” “In the movie, Mary loses its magical power on the way, but what kind of feeling helps her to stands up with at the time to move forward?, … please watch this movie and I will be happy, when you are encouraged to take a next step”, he added a comment as if he overplayed himself with Mary, and appealed the movie.

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Director Yonebayashi remarks about the start of the work “Mary and the Witch’s Flower”


July 8 (Sat) 2017, An animation movie “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” (メアリと魔女の花)will celebrate the theatrical release. Director Hiromasa Yonebayashi (米林宏昌)who painted the sensibility of a female girl in a studio ghibli with “Arrietty”(借りぐらしのアリエッティ), “When Marnie Was There(思い出のマーニー)” . He finished his work in Ghibli and found a new anime studio Ponock.  “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” is the first Movie from this studio.The origin of the name of “Ponok” is Croatian, meaning “0 o’clock midnight, the day began and it became zero, a new day begins again”. Director Uri Hayashi wondered what he thought of his idea.

Director Yonebayashi said:

After the work When the Marnie was there, and “Marney” is a work of “static”, this time I want to make a work of “dynamic”, emotions and emotions appear in the new work, I made it with the desire to make it work that goes around and moves like that a girl moving across a vast space riding on the broom.

After a while since making “Marnie”, Nishimura producer tells me, “What will you do next?” And I said “I will do it!” It was already decided that the Studio Ghibli production division had already been decided to close at that point, but still I would like to create a single work. I did not understand what it would be like at all, but if I did not do it, I will do it. So I decided to move on to the next action.
After that, I went to the library with Nishimura Producer and two people started from searching for the original. I hope to concentrate on making works, but Nishimura Producer seems really hard at finding real estate and doing the procedure of the new studio.”

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