xxxHolic is an absolute succeeded Manga written by Clamp


xxxHolic is a famous popular Manga by Clamp. Here I corrected some Reviews on this Manga on Internet.

Abstract of the Story.

For me, xxxHolic walks a fine line. At its root, this series is a motley collection of morality tales framed by slapstick humor and J-horror. It’s something of a unique twist on the average anime (which isn’t particularly surprising coming from CLAMP), but, in the end, comes together with just enough cohesion to push it into a likable state.
At the start of the series, viewers are quickly introduced to all the major players. First and foremost is Kimihiro Watanuki, a teenage boy that sees both good and evil spirits. Watanuki doesn’t really enjoy this gift – he sees it more as a curse – and signs a contract with a wish granting woman named Yuuko to rid him of its presence. Unfortunately, Yuuko demands payment of Watanuki and thus employs him as a cook, messenger, and general servant. A number of other character act as support for Watanuki, but none are featured as much as the young gangly boy. From there you’ll experience a range of teenage subplots, everything from angst driven romances to male rivalry, all of which revolve around a series of loosely connected episodes that dance between the lighthearted and the macabre.
The plot, however, isn’t the first thing most viewers will notice…..Here you can read on.

Reviews: what is the attractiveness of this Manga?

I had initial doubts about this anime, no thanks to Tsubasa Chronicle which contained cross-over characters from xxxHolic and I just happen to really, really dislike the former.
Having said that, I am pleased to announce that xxxHolic is nothing like Tsubasa and I thoroughly enjoy this super-natural drama with a slice-of-life thrown in. Now, I’m not normally a big fan of horror and super-natural anime, but I felt that xxxHolic has achieved something that most series in the horror genre does not have. xxxHolic’s story is based on superstitious tales and folklore, rather than another dose of vampires that seem too common these days. And superstitious beliefs are something that is close to everyone’s heart – we had all believed in it one time or another, especially when we were still young. Now that we are older and wiser, we tend to dismiss it all as hogwash.
xxxHolic gives me a….(Here you can read more…)

Main Character “Kimihiro Watanaba”. Who is he?

Watanuki has short black hair, and blue/indigo eyes at the beginning of the series. He almost always wears his school uniform which varies between his school’s black jacket and trousers or simply his school trousers and a white short shirt.
When half way through both the anime and manga he loses the sight in his right eye due to a spider’s grudge curse, his left iris turns a dull milky grey color. After failing to retrieve his sight in this eye , he receives half of Doumeki’s right eye’s sight, which causes his right eye to turn a dark green with a brownish tint ( in the Anime), or gold-brown (in the Manga). For the majority of the series, however…(Here you can read more)


Yuuko Ichihara(壱原侑子):  a magical women in far-east Asia.

Being one extremely experienced in her industry, Yūko is not foolish enough to give away her real name like Watanuki. That aside, Yūko has served as a major catalyst for Watanuki’s transformation, acting somewhat as his mentor. She loves to drink and eat Watanuki’s wonderful cooking and dragging Watanuki on crazy outings at the drop of a hat.

Despite this immature and free-spirited attitude, Yūko has been known to be sage-like and serious when the time calls for it. Yūko seems to know the true hitsuzen that Watanuki will follow, and has often offered cryptic messages to warn him of impending danger or a folk tale that he should take a bit more seriously. She also seems to truly care about him, making sure he is safe at night, sending the Kudakitsune (pipe-fox) with him for extra protection, or calling Dōmeki when he needs saving. Yūko is very powerful when it comes to magic and…..(Here more).

Who is the Writer?

×××Holic (Japanese: ×××ホリック Hepburn: Horikku, pronounced as “Holic”) is a manga written and illustrated by the group of manga artists known as Clamp. The series, which crosses over with another Clamp work Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, revolves around Kimihiro Watanuki, a high-school student disturbed by his ability to see the supernatural, and Yūko Ichihara, a witch who owns a wish-granting shop. When Watanuki asks Yūko to remove his ability to see spirits, she grants it on the condition that he pay for his wish by working for her. Clamp created xxxHolic link the supernatural and fantasy series. They are currently working on a spin-off series xxxHolic: Rei………..(Here more)

Members of Clamp from the left, Igarashi(いがらし)、Ohkawa(大川)、Nekoi(猫井)、Mokona(もこな)