Hosoda Mamoru talked about his second movie “Summer wars” on 2011


– Congratulations on winning the Grand Prize at the Media Arts Festival / Animation Division 2009 (13th) for the movie ‘Summer Wars‘(サマーウォーズ). I was surprised at the combination of the digital world on the Internet and the earthly world of a rural town. The story starts with a high school student Kenji Koiso(小磯健二). He accompanied his senior friend Natsuki(夏希)to go back to her hometown. He is loving her, so he was happy when he was asked of the suggestion by her. They traveled to her hometown in a rural part of Japan. Then he was suddenly begged to pretend her fiancé before her families. Why did you make this story?


Mr. Hosoda at the conference
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Hosoda: The reason why is that I got married. Frankly speaking, I had guessed that marriage would be not good. It could be troublesome or it could confine me to the contract. However, I felt it very fresh and wonderful to become a family with a people of my fiancee’s family, who I had never have seen them until I had visited them on that day. I came up with an idea to make this experience into a movie.

– These days, the close ties among family members tend to lose in the society. On the contrary, this movie describes the relationship of the large family and many relatives. I felt it was a fresh theme.


Hosoda: I intended to make Summer wars as a movie of relatives not of a family. There are many movies draws the story of family, but there are few movies tells a story of relatives. Moreover, this is the first movie that has relatives as main characters. Though, I was worried that no one comes to watch it. I wondered who want to watch it, while I was making it.


Natsuki in oz
Natsuki in reality







– But in reality, more than 1.23 million people came to watch it. This movie was a hit of this year. By the way, the place of this movie exists in reality, and it is a city Ueda in Nagano prefecture. This is a hometown of your wife. Why did you choose this real place for this movie?


Hosoda: At first, I had another idea, but I learned about the history of Ueda and visited many places of it. Then I was getting to think that my movie should be played in Ueda. Historically, this city is ruled by Sanada family and this family defeated Tokugawa two times in the 16th century. The people of this city are proud of it even now. I was very expressed of their heart and their proud passed the story of the movie.

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