New Anime series “Atom the Beginning” and the Interview of Mr. Ishiguro, a Robot scientist

The Animation “Atom the Beginning” is broadcasting from April 15th on NHK Channel. This anime is originated from the worldwide famous anime “Mighty Atom”drawn by Tezuka Osamu and explains how atom is made.



The Interview of Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro (石黒浩), a robot scientist

“It is interesting that the story is more realistic than the original one. Atom has a self. This is a point to think deeply as a robot scientist. Especially Atom is drawn as a strong robot and he is perplexed by the fact of his strength for he is a kind personality. Is it possible to balance the unrivaled strength and a kind personality? If it possible, what is the reason? So this anime is more interesting than the original as it make me think about such a point.”

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